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Just want to say to the group that I'm leaving LiveJournal very soon -- the disabling of HTTPS pushed me over the edge. I've moved over to Dreamwidth (same username) if you'd like to follow me there...or maybe create a new prog_lolz there.

Thanks to all of you for the lolz you've given me over the years. You've reminded me that prog, for all of its bombast and pretension, is all about having fun.

This is Gracie Jane, alias soon-to-be-ex-drquuxum, signing off with an allusion to one of my favorite Peter Hammill songs.

Here's a toast to prog_lolz


Goodnight, Chris Squire. Thanks for the lulz, but thanks more for the tunes.


Courtesy of Tony Levin's site...

Can Has Wetton

Stolen from Cheezburger, but still good.

"the world's most hated pop"

You guys. YOU GUYS. Slate is doing a series on prog this week.

"Correction, Aug. 15, 2012: This article mistakenly named Bill Bruford as a founding member of Asia."

Dear lord. I almost wonder if that wasn't on purpose.
today's Google doodle: a playable tribute to Bob Moog

It works only in Chrome or Firefox, I'm told. Sorry, IE users (all three of you).

Also, if you haven't checked out the iPad Fairlight app yet, what the fuck is wrong with you?


Tony Levin is a leather daddy, right?


I... umm...

So, yeah... (sorry!)


I don't even have to describe this.
Just watch.

It's perfect.