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prog rock isn't dead; it just smells funny
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prog rock is loltastic, admit it


1) Post funny and offensive shit about progressive rock.
2) Don't be an ass to other members. Only Fripp is allowed to be mean. He has earned that right.
2a) Please feel free to be mean to the progressive rocker of your choice, especially if it's Chris Squire.
3) This is not the place for SRS BZNS. Take that shit to Yesfans. They LOVE that sort of thing.
4) If you must spam us with some dumb advertisement, you better do it in a lulzy way, goddammit. Otherwise your post will be deleted.
5) You will receive bonus points if you hero-worship Steve Hackett.

Signed, edgyspice
prog_lolz mod and maintainer

P.S. By all means endeavor to visit our big sister glam_lolz
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